Farnham Based.
We are based in Farnham, on the border between Surrey and Hampshire. We provide Aerial Photo, Video & Survey Services throughout the South East of England. We are very proud of the relationships we have with a number of companies in the aera, and also delighted to have been able to serve some of the very deserving local charities.

Authorised by the UK CAA – we carry comprehensive Insurance, including Public Liability Cover. We use only professional grade camera drones, with high resolution cameras and interchangeable lenses – to deliver the best image quality for our clients. 

Planning & Execution.
Each and every operation is subject to a comprehensive Site Survey and associated Risk Assessment – in accordance with UK CAA regulations. For some more complex tasks we will typically provide a two-person crew, including the Remote Pilot and a dedicated Camera Operator, and we are also happy to be directed. Our clients always have the option to view a live feed from the aerial camera should they wish. This can help to ensure that clients get exactly the shots they want – and can also provide on the spot feedback.

Personal Background.
My name is Allan Arthurs – a broadcast engineer with some 30 years experience in a wide range of broadcast and media projects world-wide. At the start of my career I was involved with the transition from film to video. I went on to play a key role in the introduction of High Definition Television (HD) and also the move from Video Tape to File-Based Operation. Most recently I helped to introduce Ultra High Definition (UHD), also known as 4K. My personal passion is flying, and I am an active Glider Pilot. I now combine my knowledge and skills to provide aerial media services on a professional basis.

“Our pricing is fair.
All costs will be agreed at the outset, and quotations are free.
You can be assured of our very best personal efforts on your behalf.”