Compelling Aerial Video – in broadcast quality HD (1920 x 1080) or even more stunning UHD (3480 x 2160).  We can provide either un-edited material or complete programmes, for a wide variety of clients – including:
Production Companies | Marketing Agencies |Property Managers | Construction Contractors |Event Managers.

Aerial View of Farnham Castle Garden


We sometimes provide Aerial Photo & Video Services for independent producers who prefer to use thier own camera operators. We are also happy to be directed.
In such cases, we fly the drone and provide separate and independent controll of the gimbal camera – allowing the camera operator (or director) to get exactly the the shots they want. 
While its not dificult, it does take a little practice, so we also offer training for those not familiar with camera gimbal controll. The short video on the right, by DJI Film School, shows a good example, albeit fairly extreame!


See the world from Above & Beyond! We provide stunning Aerial Stils – for anyone who needs a birds eye view:
Property Promotions |Construction Progress |Groundworks |Landscape Design |Roof Inspections.

Aerial View of Large Property


We can also combine stunning high resolution Aerial 360 Panoramas with a wide variety of both aerial and ground based ptotos, video and sound – to create immersive online Virtual Tours. 

This exciting new technology has reached a level of maturity, and is ready to enable your viewers to step inside your business from anywere in the world.  

A Virtual Tour will help to showcase your business, and make it stand out from the competition.

The short demonstration clip on the right is a screen recording of a Virtual Tour of Farham. You can take the tour at a more liesurely pace by following this link.

We can host your Virtual Tour for you (and provide the essential embed code to install on your own website) or hand it over in its entirety for you host  yourself. 


A specialist selection of Aerial Services for Surveyors, Architects and Land Managers. Using Photogrmmetry Techniques we provide Topographical Maps and associated data including high resolution Orthomosaic Images, 3D Models and Point-Cloud data sets. We also offer Roof Inspections for specialist roofing contractors.  The process is considerably quicker and less costly than the traditional methods – and also very much safer!

Mission Plan


Long term Time-Lapse has traditionally been a trade-off between size & weight of the equipment, availability of a local power supply and image quality. Our specialist Time-Lapse Cameras are light and compact. They are completely self-contained, Battery Powered with on-board Solar Charging – for long term projects. The system provides a very wide viewing angle of 2200 and able to deliver very High Resolution Images – up to 6K (4069 x 2160).  All material, both Time-Lapse Video and all the Still Images are able for clients to view online – anywhere at any time.  

Construction Time-Lapse
Our pricing is fair.
All costs will be agreed at the outset, and quotations are free.
You can be assured of our very best personal efforts on your behalf!