On the HOME page I mentioned briefly my personal passion for flying gliders.
In addition to my own flying, I also have the privilege to represent three specialist European Manufactures in the UK – and I would like to introduce them here.
For those who might like to learn a little more about the sport of gliding and how to get involved youself, there is no better place to start than the British Gliding Association.

ALISPORT SWISS – of Switzerland

Manufacturers of the magnificent SILENT 2 Electro – an electric, self-launching sailplane built for the FAI 13.5 m class. Technically a Microlight, with the characteristics of a Powered Glider, the aircraft is deregulated in the UK. With a MTOW of 315kg the SILENT 2 Electro is easy to own and operate and a delight to rig! 
SILENT 2 Electro

LZ-DESIGN – of Slovenia

Manufacturers of the revolutionary Front Electric Sustainer/Self-Launcher (FES) – which powers the SILENT 2 Electro and several other types.  The folding propeller in the nose is driven by a purpose built 22 kW brushless electric motor powered from a pair of Lithium-Ion battery packs providing capacity for 4.2kW. The system is very simple to operate, quick to deploy and highly reliable. 


Manufacturers of the KOMET range of quality Glider Trailers. Anschau were the first to produce the clam-shell design which substantially improves the ease of loading and unloading. The construction is second to none – the chassis is made from double walled Aluminium extrusions, welded to provide torsional strength and the Composite Clam-Shell is supported by a welded Aluminium frame.
Glider Trailer
Glider Trailer